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*LIMITED EDITION* Chinese Zodiac Auspicious Cookies Collection

*LIMITED EDITION* Chinese Zodiac Auspicious Cookies Collection

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The Year of the Pig marks the completion of the 12-year cycle of the Chinese horoscope with the boar occupying the twelfth position. With this in mind, the team at the one-year-old Mdm Ling Bakery decides to put a positive spin on this last zodiac animal of the cycle with the launch of a limited-edition Chinese Zodiac Auspicious Cookies Collection (priced at $128 per set), comprising a complete set of 12 gold-hued ‘barrels’ of Chinese New Year goodies, each fashioned with a symbolic meaning while representing a zodiac animal and foretells how lady luck will favour you in the Year 2019.

The fun-inspired Chinese Zodiac repertoire of cookies consists of:

  • Year of the Rat: Red Velvet Cheese (meaning: good fortune and opening of new horizons), 120g
  • Year of the Ox: Butter Cookies (meaning: a smooth and stable year ahead), 100g
  • Year of the Tiger: Chocolate Almond Cookies (meaning: power and trust from thriving opportunities), 115g
  • Year of the Rabbit: Green Pea Cookies (meaning: family unity, contentment and peace), 165g
  • Year of the Dragon: Cranberries Florentine (meaning: bountiful harvest and flourishing success), 120g
  • Year of the Snake: Wheat Potato Cookies (meaning: continuous growth and fertility), 120g
  • Year of the Horse: Pineapple Balls (meaning: bringing prosperity with the happiness of descendant luck), 168g
  • Year of the Goat: Arrowhead Crisps (Cheeku) - salted egg flavour (meaning: benevolence), 40g
  • Year of the Monkey: Premium Kueh Bangkit (meaning: rising opportunities and in blooming health), 85g
  • Year of the Rooster: Almond Cookies (meaning: a year bejeweled with gold and wealth), 130g
  • Year of the Dog: Shrimp Rolls (meaning: happiness and wealth from gold bars), 140g
  • Year of the Pig: Golden Yuan Yang Love Letters (meaning: Represents Double Happiness of abundant wealth and love with “black” gold and “yellow” gold), 40g
Special Thanks to Straits Times and Straits Times Online for featuring us on Jan 4, 2018. We are extremely heartened that our Limited Edition Zodiac Set has met with overwhelming response on the first day of publicity. Due to the highly popular demand, the earliest collection is on 25/01/2019.